As proud Londoners, we'd vouch that the West End definitely rivals Broadway. From well-known large scale productions like the Lion King to some truly unique and enchanting stories, London is the perfect place for anyone looking to laugh, cry or be inspired by a magical story. Since central London is easily accessible from Atrium Hotel, if you're staying with us, even for a short time, why not go watch a play? Here are our favourites

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter is not only a British favourite, but it has swept over the Earth as one of the most successful book franchises in history – and with reason! The detailed, magical stories of Harry Potter and his friends have long captured the hearts of millions of admirers all over the globe. Why not experience the latest Harry Potter adventure by JK Rowling in person by watching Harry Potter and the Cursed Child while you're in London!


Wicked is a fabulous musical which tells the story of the Land of Oz and a wicked witch. The costumes are beyond stunning with a spectacular array of colours. This is a definite must-see for the entire family!

The Lion King

One of the most famous movies in the entire world, this Disney show on stage is absolutely magnificent. The workmanship that has gone into designing the incredibly detailed stage is mesmerising, and the costumes are so detailed, they perfectly reflect the characters being portrayed by some of the most talented actors in the world.


You've seen the classic and you've seen the motion picture – but please don't tell us you haven't seen the play! Prepare for witty writing, excellent on-stage chemistry and an evening of unparalleled entertainment with this remake of the Disney classic that we all love and adore!

Plays at the Globe Theatre

Now this is the true definition of stepping back in time. Experience one of the many great works of Shakespeare in live action by visiting the Globe Theatre. The original theatre was built many hundreds of years ago – a modern remake has since taken its place in the exact location where the original building stood. You'll definitely want to check out this amazing testament to British history by watching a piece written by one of the greatest writers of all time.

Matilda the Musical

Enjoy this live action version of a British classic! Matilda is a story by Roald Dahl, cherished by adults and children alike. It tells the story of a young Matilda whose life can only be described as turbulent. Find out the details of the story and if she gets her happy ending by going and watching the play!

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