Halloween in London

Who doesn't love getting a bit of adrenaline pumping in their bloodstream near the spooky time of Halloween? Lucky for you, you're in a city of fellow thrill-seekers! Here are some of the best things to do in London for some good frights – and don't worry if you get too spooked, Atrium Hotel is a 24-hour hotel so you can come and hang out in the café if you're scared of the monster under the bed (or housekeeping can take of it for you, whichever floats your boat!)

London Dungeons

This is a classic rite of passage for you to be able handle a good fright. London Dungeons is a unique horror experience where you are taken through some of the most terrifying and sometimes even gruesome aspects of real British history – with a scary twist! Try not to get stuck in the Plague Doctors office, and make sure you do your best to escape from Newgate prison. You can book your tickets and find out more from their website!

Thorpe Park

If you can stomach it, we definitely recommend Thorpe Park for the most extreme thrill-seekers. Thorpe Park tends to host special Halloween events such as Fright Night which you'll be sure to enjoy! If you're going to head there in the day, we suggest you have a slightly lighter breakfast, lest you're interested in seeing it making a reappearance later in the day!

The Woman in Black

Do you know what's scarier than a movie where the terrifying character staying behind the big screen? A play, where the terrifying character is walking around right in front of you. The Woman in Black is an exceptionally successful play which has been running for years and years in London – and with reason! Book your tickets online!

Escape Room

Escape rooms are truly immersive experiences that will get your blood pumping. From trying to track down missing friends to escaping some terrifying villains, an escape room is the perfect marriage of problem solving, thrilling and plain old creepy!

Ghost Tour

The city of London has been home to some of the most notorious people in history – and some say they can hear their ghostly whispers and chilling screams till today. Prepare yourself for an unsettling walk through some of the most haunted places in the city which have been sights of multiple reports of paranormal activity. Whether or not it's true is something you'll just have to find out for yourself!

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