Christmas in London

There's a reason Charles Dickens wrote about Christmas in London – a book that has stood the test of time and is still loved by millions today. London is truly magical when we reach December time. Yes, it's a bit cold but you won't feel it while you sip on a rich, soothing hot chocolate. We've got a list of some of the best things to do during Christmas!

Winter Wonderland

Transport yourself to a quaint Bavarian village at Winter Wonderland. Every year, Hyde Park is transformed from what is already one of the most scenic parks in Britain into a magical array of twinkling lights, roaring rides and fresh, warming food.

Christmas at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens - a true floral heaven, sports all sorts of exotic lush greenery and flowers. Kew Gardens puts on a spectacular light show every year around Christmas time. Considering that Atrium hotel is close to Kew Gardens, it's definitely worth popping over and checking it out!

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is one of greatest shopping streets in the world, inviting thousands of shoppers on a daily basis. An already spectacular street is completely transformed in Christmas time. An array of glimmering lights in all sorts of detailed shapes decorates the sky over Oxford Street and it truly serves as a great place to have a post-dinner stroll.

Somerset House

An extremely popular ice-skating ground for locals and tourists! Somerset House is already an architectural marvel, boasting gorgeous Neoclassic architecture. Try something new by having a skate around the smooth surface of Somerset House!

Watch a Christmas Play

Prepare to be enchanted by the elegant, harmonious twists and whirls of the England National Ballet's performers who put on the dazzling Nutcracker production! This Christmas classic has been delighting audiences for decades. Why not join the list of the multitude of people who have been impressed by this exquisite play!

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