In the Heathrow Area

If London Heathrow Airport will be a stopping point during your journey between the UK capital and an overseas destination, you shouldn’t overlook the opportunities locally for delicious dining. The Heathrow area is home to all manner of restaurants offering a variety of nutritional sustenance.

Dining spots that we would especially single out for acclaim include…


If your culinary tastes lean more towards the Italian, you have an especially good incentive to stop by the airport’s Terminal 3, as that’s where you can find Strada’s Italian restaurant.

After passing through its doors, you will be able to choose from the hand-stretched pizzas, pastas, risotto, salads and other delicacies that fill out its menu.


Whether you are set to pass through Terminal 3 or 4 at London Heathrow Airport, you should pencil a stop at the French and European eatery Oriel into your schedule.

Each of these two terminals has its own Oriel restaurant – but whichever one you visit, you will be able to quickly see the strong Gallic influence running through the breakfast, main and dessert options. We particularly like the chicken fricassee and baked salmon fillet.

Kaniz Restaurant

As you walk into this Indian eatery on Bath Road just outside the airport, you could easily release a gasp of awe before you have even placed a morsel in your mouth.

The restaurant’s design alone feels like the epitome of opulence – and that’s before we move onto the subject of the authentic Indian cuisine, which is freshly cooked every day.

Steak & Lobster Heathrow

You don’t have to stray from Bath Road to also find this steakhouse. The steak is sourced from County Antrim in Northern Ireland, while the freshly caught lobster is mouth-watering. You can pick from various bites and desserts to add just the right finishing touches.

Atrium Hotel Heathrow

There’s also an on-site restaurant of strikingly modern design right here at our own Atrium hotel. We have selected our flavours from a broad range of cuisine across the world, giving our menu a truly international feel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all available.

Book one of our stunning and well-equipped bedrooms here at the Atrium today, and you can soon eagerly anticipate enjoying the finest of fine dining near Heathrow Airport in London – whatever the local establishments at which you choose to eat.

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