Best coffee shops in London

The United Kingdom night be a nation of tea drinkers, but when it comes to the capital city – London, the energy fix of choice has to be a good cup of coffee. The city of London is filled to the brim (pun intended) with coffee shop chains, tiny cafes serving up a simple brew, exotic boutiques where you find various flavoured drinks and many interesting edible titbits as snacks to go with that cup of your choice. We can also safely presume that an artistically placed cup of coffee with a few photo filters is the most Instagrammable image EVER! #Coffee has 129,735,855 posts worldwide on Instagram alone!!! (when we last checked) reiterating the intensity of coffee addiction across the globe. To get your caffeine fix - be it regular or decaf, we listed a few coffee shops in London worth a visit.

Grind & Co:

We can safely say that The Grind is rapidly taking over London - starting its first establishment on Shoreditch Grind. Since then they have expanded into opening branches in Soho, Holborn, London Bridge, Clerkenwell and Royal Exchange, among others! Offbeat interiors, great coffee makes each café a destination in itself plus evenings see them turn into bars with the wonderful espresso martinis! For a scenic drink at the end of the of a long day, head to their Royal Exchange location overlooking the magnificent Bank of England and feast your eyes!

Store St Espresso

Located on the quiet Bloomsbury stretch inspiring its name - Store St Espresso is easily one of the best coffee shops in London. Serving tantalising treats and artisan coffee with a laid-back interior that made it such a popular spot that they opened a second shop a few steps away from the original location on Tavistock Place.

Kaffeine – Fitzronia

Since both New Zealand and Australia are well renowned coffee cultures, there are several Antipodean – inspired coffee spots across the capital. Kaffeine can be comfortably considered one of the best as a stylish independent coffee maker located in central London, with two locations in Fitzrovia.

They serve up so much more than just a good cup of coffee, they provide a delicious menu for breakfast, lunch or snacks for any hungry coffee addict! Kaffiene also offers barista classes to take you behind the scenes in the life of a busy barista!

Coleman Coffee Roasters

Coleman coffee roasters provides Arabica coffee to some of the best coffee shops in London, while having its own solo branch near Waterloo station. They serve a very delightful simple menu of filter, piccolo, cappuccino or espresso making it much easier to decide what you want to have. Jack Coleman and team also sell beans for at-home coffee making for those days when you want to try your hand at being a fabulous barista in your own kitchen.

Since we have shared some interesting coffee spots for you to try out we can't leave ourselves out of the equation . We cordially invite you to join us for a cup of coffee at our hotel, only a few minutes away from Heathrow airport, either at Mauro café which is open 24 hours with a wonderful selection of sandwiches and snacks or book a table at our Orange Tree restaurant and let us know how the coffee is, at the end of your scrumptious meal prepared by our talented executive chef.

Please note: Kindly give the establishment a call before you visit as their timings may have changed due to COVID-19

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