A Day of Eating in London

If you're only here for a few days, you need to experience the best of British cuisine before you head off to your next destination! We have a full itinerary right here for you!


You really can't visit the UK without having tried a full English at least once! The full English, also known as a fry up, is a British staple with millions of people across the country indulging in this glorious meal when they can! Our personal favourite is The Breakfast Club in Soho – it's adored by locals and tourists alike!

Morning Snack

Borough Market is home to some of the freshest and most delicious foods in all of London! During you're visit, you should seriously, seriously try a scotch egg, a classic British favourite. A classic Scotch egg is a boiled egg wrapped in meat and then fried. One of our favourites is Scotchtails – not only do they have the porky classics, but they also do some interesting options like chorizo, falafel and beetroot!


Time to make your way to a good old chippy for some proper British grub! Poppies Fish and Chips is known for serving some truly succulent fish and chips – make sure you put a generous amount of salt and vinegar on top for the proper British taste!

Afternoon Snack

You've been trekking around London so maybe it's time to head back to the hotel for a quick break – it doesn't mean you need to stop the nibbles though! Dress up, sit straight and indulge in some fine teas and delicious cakes at The Orange Tree Restaurant at Atrium Hotel. Not only do we have the classic British afternoon tea, serving up a selection of fresh sandwiches, scones and tea cakes. If you're looking for a bit more unusual, you can try our Indian Afternoon Tea.


Now that you've rested up in the hotel, it's time to head out again for dinner! We're showing off the rich, ethnic diversity of London by suggesting you head over to Dishoom! Dishoom is such a London favourite, you'll almost never pass by without seeing a really long queue outside! The restaurant serves some truly unique dishes by fusing British and Indian flavours. For example, try newer fusion dishes like the bacon naan rolls or go for an Indian classic like chicken tikka.


It's probably quite late in the evening by now so maybe it's time to head back to the hotel! The Orange Tree Restaurant at Atrium Hotel serves up a rich, decadent and delicious chocolate fondant with velvety vanilla ice-cream – the perfect, sweet end to a long day of culinary adventures in London.

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