5 wedding themes that are an all-time favourite

Picking out a wedding theme is amongst the hardest decisions that faces an engaged couple while planning their wedding. But once you have pinpointed the theme of your dream day, you can easily move forward on other components of the big celebration, that includes setting and allocating the budget. If you're still not sure which route to go, we have selected 5 of the most popular wedding themes that have stood the test of time. Maybe this comparative guide will help you take the leap ;)


All weddings are of course, romantic by default. What makes this theme stand out is the focus on the couple's love and giving expression to these feelings through the theme of the wedding. Soft hues, delicate lighting, and loads of flowers are essentials for a romantic wedding. More ballads, deep emotional vows and happy tears all around are to be expected.


This theme is best suited for the offbeat couple, who never considered the normal route to ever be part of their plans. Speak with our events coordinator and let's come up with a custom theme made just for you with our wonderful suppliers. Choose your palettes, come up with creatives ways to implement the traditional components of a wedding like the bouquet toss, or literally have the wedding theme around your names. The sky is the limit when you are getting creative. Push the boundaries as much as you want.


Not to be confused with a traditional wedding, we are drawing inspiration from decades past. We recommend the swinging twenties when everything had its own distinct delicious sense of style, also called a Gatsby Style Wedding. Why not include a few vintage suitcases, typewriters as part of your decor and entertain your guests with a champagne flooded high tea? And don't forget the feathers!


Modern weddings are a wonderful option for couples, who crave all things contemporary and current. For the perfect modern wedding, think of clean lines, minimal design and geometric shapes. You can put a modern twist on any element of your wedding, starting from the wedding dress (maybe not the traditional white), to the venue decorations with a bold colour scheme.

Desi Wedding

Almost no other wedding could be as colourful and boisterous as a Desi wedding! Bollywood songs, intricate colourful attire and mouth-watering cuisine are just a few ingredients to this lively wedding. The Atrium Heathrow Hotel has the perfect ballroom to accommodate up to 750 guests, which is absolutely perfect if you want to go all out with the invitations!

Whatever maybe your choice, be it a grand wedding or a simple ceremony, don't forget to have fun on your special day and to truly celebrate the essence of your marriage with friends, family and loved ones!

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