5 ways to enjoy London at night

Like any metropolitan City brimming with life, the city of London never sleeps. With nightly tubes, regularly running buses, taxis and the introduction of Uber - London's exciting night life has never been more accessible. Just in case you are not looking for some shut eye at Atrium Hotel Heathrow, London's night life has a lot more to offer than just clubs and bars. For the nightly owl who is looking for nocturnal adventures we have some choice pickings to choose from!

Ghostly Tours

London is a 21st century city with history dating back to the Roman times. A city steeped with so much history is bound to have some bloody skeletons with in its historical archives. Enjoy a visit to the Black Lion pub in Hammersmith which is said to be haunted by a man shot dead in 1803, for those interested in the occult there are after-hours tours of the pub ready to send a shiver down the spine of any brave heart. You can also discover a little- known side to London on a nightly ghost tour aboard a vintage 1960's Routemaster double-decker bus. The guide along with fellow actors take you through the city, recounting tales of gruesome executions and murders at key locations.

The Sky Garden

Drop by one of London's best free attractions, with breath-taking views of the city from its 34th and 37th floors. The Sky Garden, better known to Londoners as the walkie-talkie due to its shape, overlooks the south of the river Thames. This wonderful garden suspended in the sky offers many culinary options with three restaurants onsite and a bar.

The Ceremony of the Keys at The Tower of London

The Ceremony of the Keys is an ancient ritual held every evening at the Tower of London, when the main gates are locked for the night. It is considered to be the oldest military ceremony in the world. Although the monarch may no longer be in residence at the Tower, the Crown Jewels and many other invaluable objects still do. Making this ceremony still very relevant to this day. The tickets for the Ceremony of the keys need to be booked in advance due to popular demand.

Prince Charles Cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema is a repertory cinema located off Leicester Square, in the West End of London. Also, considered one of the most popular Independent Cinema's in the UK, this cinema shows a rotating programme of arthouse, cult and classic films alongside recent releases. It provides a cosy, vibrant atmosphere with decent priced food and drinks. They still continue the tradition of having ushers in their screens, as opposed to many other cinemas in the Wes End!

The polo bar at Liverpool Street

A 24-hour bar sandwiched between a KFC and an Eat opposite Liverpool Street Station that has been serving Londoners since 1953! And of course, the menu has changed several times in the last 60 years. This café is spread over three floors helping fuel Londoners 24/7. They still make everything in house and proudly advertise not a having a door at the entrance. The Great Britsh Café menu includes pancakes smothered in Maple Syrup, traditional English Breakfast and a variety of Eggs Benedict dishes.

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