Here’s your checklist when comparing corporate hotels near Heathrow, London

There are many circumstances in which you may find yourself looking for a business-ready hotel in the UK capital. You might have been asked at the last minute to visit a key client or partner in the city, or you may have months in which to plan a vital upcoming corporate trip.

Whatever the situation may be for you, it often makes particular sense to seek out corporate hotels near Heathrow, London.

Such close proximity to the airport will enable you to quickly and conveniently reach and leave the site of your business trip. But what else should you be looking for in such a hotel?

Ease of travel – including throughout London

Believe it or not, even picking a hotel near Heathrow Airport doesn’t necessarily guarantee the rapidity or ease of onward travel. One way to avoid feeling like you’re resting your head ‘in the middle of nowhere’, is ensuring you choose a hotel that is a mere few minutes’ walk away from a tube station – such as the Atrium, which is just two minutes from Hatton Cross station.

Bedrooms with all of the amenities you’ll need

It may seem like obvious advice to suggest your hotel should offer facilities that lend themselves to business. However, not all so-called corporate hotels near Heathrow, London even tick the obvious boxes, such as giving you reliable free Wi-Fi or a usable desk area in your bedroom. A fridge, tea and coffee facilities and under-bed storage may also greatly help to make your stay a nicer one.

Useful and well-equipped conference and meeting spaces

You might not have the luxury of being able to meet in a separate office space during your time in London, or you may simply not wish to do so. That’s why, just in case, it’s well worth booking a room at a hotel such as the Atrium, which comprises an extremely flexible and visually impressive assembly hall with a capacity of 700, as well as 36 separate meeting rooms.

We can also provide you with high-quality audiovisual equipment and the assistance of a friendly and efficient technical team, because – let’s be honest – even the most tech-savvy professionals can struggle to get computers or other devices to work from time to time.

What else might you require from a corporate hotel?

Well, good dining facilities could certainly be useful for those more informal chats with business partners over a coffee and pastry, this being another major perk awaiting those who pick the Atrium for their next corporate visit to the capital.

Then, there’s the simple question of ensuring your chosen hotel represents good value. As one of the newest corporate hotels near Heathrow in London, we pride ourselves on the competitiveness of our prices – whether you’re interested in a standard, executive or deluxe room, and however modest or ambitious your next business trip may be.

We are taking reservations right now for stays from February 2019, which means that all you have to do to secure your room at the Atrium is go through our straightforward online booking process. Our staff couldn’t be more excited, and can’t wait to extend a warm welcome to you next year!


5 restaurants for succulent dining in the Heathrow area

If London Heathrow Airport will be a stopping point during your journey between the UK capital and an overseas destination, you shouldn’t overlook the opportunities locally for delicious dining. The Heathrow area is home to all manner of restaurants offering a variety of nutritional sustenance.

Dining spots that we would especially single out for acclaim include…


If your culinary tastes lean more towards the Italian, you have an especially good incentive to stop by the airport’s Terminal 3, as that’s where you can find Strada’s Italian restaurant.

After passing through its doors, you will be able to choose from the hand-stretched pizzas, pastas, risotto, salads and other delicacies that fill out its menu.


Whether you are set to pass through Terminal 3 or 4 at London Heathrow Airport, you should pencil a stop at the French and European eatery Oriel into your schedule.

Each of these two terminals has its own Oriel restaurant – but whichever one you visit, you will be able to quickly see the strong Gallic influence running through the breakfast, main and dessert options. We particularly like the chicken fricassee and baked salmon fillet.

Kaniz Restaurant

As you walk into this Indian eatery on Bath Road just outside the airport, you could easily release a gasp of awe before you have even placed a morsel in your mouth.

The restaurant’s design alone feels like the epitome of opulence – and that’s before we move onto the subject of the authentic Indian cuisine, which is freshly cooked every day.

Steak & Lobster Heathrow

You don’t have to stray from Bath Road to also find this steakhouse. The steak is sourced from County Antrim in Northern Ireland, while the freshly caught lobster is mouth-watering. You can pick from various bites and desserts to add just the right finishing touches.

Atrium Hotel Heathrow

There’s also an on-site restaurant of strikingly modern design right here at our own Atrium hotel. We have selected our flavours from a broad range of cuisine across the world, giving our menu a truly international feel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all available.

Book one of our stunning and well-equipped bedrooms here at the Atrium today, and you can soon eagerly anticipate enjoying the finest of fine dining near Heathrow Airport in London – whatever the local establishments at which you choose to eat.

Select a London wedding venue that appeals equally to your head and your heart

Your upcoming nuptials will – we hope – be the last or only time you tie the knot during your life, so you will naturally wish every aspect of your big day to be thoroughly special. That’s one reason why so many loved-up couples seek out wedding venues in London, even when they live far afield from the capital or sometimes, the UK: this is one of the truly great global metropolises.

There’s simply nowhere else that has London’s magic. However, there’s also almost nowhere else that is as notoriously expensive as London.

So, if your interest in wedding venues in London refuses to die down, are you reduced to settling for somewhere dull but affordable, or instead a fairytale venue that leaves you with barely any money left to invest in other aspects of the wedding?

You don’t have to lose hope when comparing wedding venues in London

For more than a few reasons, we’re very proud of our credentials as a London wedding venue here at the Atrium hotel in Feltham.

One of the most eye-catching elements of our venue is undoubtedly our nigh-on unbeatable location. You’ll find us a mere two-minute walk from Hatton Cross tube station, which in turn, enables you and your wedding guests to complete the journey between our hotel and Heathrow Airport within mere minutes.

Just imagine, too, how convenient that could be for onward travel into central London when you wish to extend your wedding into a longer break in the capital. All of the city’s art galleries, museums, heritage venues and dining establishments can be at your beck and call.

But it gets better than that…

Let’s consider some of the things that you would ordinarily expect from one of the more expensive wedding venues in London. Visual flair, for instance, is more than provided by our stunning five-storey atrium that benefits from plentiful natural light, while also incorporating no shortage of edgy 21st-century styling, surfaces and furnishings.

It is in this same space where your guests can also experience the most memorable catering, such is our own chefs’ expertise in rustling up the most satisfying and sometimes surprising dishes. In fact, in total, as many as 700 attendees can be accommodated in this spectacular area of our premises.

Then, there’s the small matter of the 581 rooms that make up our hotel, many of which could even be booked by you and your beloved, other members of the wedding party and guests. If a large number of you wish to stay overnight with us, we can even ensure that all of you are accommodated on the same floor together.

Don’t wait any longer to book your dream wedding

With the Atrium set to welcome its first hotel guests from February 2019, you may have little time to waste if you fancy securing our amazingly contemporary space for the formalisation of your union.

So, why not call us today – on +44 (0)208 890 6888 – to snap up the perfect date for your wedding at one of the wedding venues in London that is of most appeal to both the head and the heart?







10 fascinating things you never knew about the London Underground

London may be associated with many things – from red telephone boxes to Buckingham Palace – but another one of its great institutions is the Underground, otherwise dubbed ‘the Tube’.

Certainly, our own Atrium hotel is a popular choice for those on the lookout for hotels near a Tube station, given that we are a mere two-minute walk away from Hatton Cross station. But what other things should you know about the Tube and its remarkable history?

  1. The Tube’s origins can be traced back to the Metropolitan Railway, which was the world’s first underground railway when it opened in 1863. The Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines now cover its original route.
  2. Indeed, the ‘Underground’ name didn’t even appear on stations for the first time until 1908.
  3. Wooden escalators still existed on the Underground as late as the early 21st century, despite the 1987 King’s Cross fire that killed 31 people; the final example, at Greenford station, was decommissioned in 2014.
  4. TV’s king of controversy, Jerry Springer, was born at Highgate station in 1944, during its period of use as a bomb shelter.
  5. Despite the name, less than half of the Underground is actually underground in tunnels.
  6. The Tube has a strong association with fine art and visual culture; elements like the official roundel and Tube map have long been iconic, while major creative projects continue to be showcased across the network under the Art on the Underground
  7. The phase ‘mind the gap’ was first used on the Northern Line in 1968.
  8. Tube carriages originally lacked any windows.
  9. Aldgate station was built above a massive plague pit, where it is thought that more than 1,000 bodies were buried.
  10. The British Museum once had its own tube station. It was open only between 1900 and 1933, its closure hastened by the opening of Holborn station by another railway company in 1906. The British Museum tube station’s entrance was situated at No. 133, High Holborn, although the original surface building was demolished in 1989.

Such is the wealth of intriguing things to know about the London Underground, that it’s very much a destination for visitors in and of itself. Choose the Atrium when you are comparing hotels near a Tube station, and you will be delighted about the ease with which you can travel across the British capital during your stay here – whether for work, rest or play.


You’ll make the right impression when you hold your next meeting at the Atrium

You may be ostensibly planning a meeting in London so that you can ‘get things done’, but in truth, there’s one thing in particular that you will inevitably wish to do: make a great impression.

After all, when you are searching for meeting rooms near Heathrow Airport or anywhere else in London, it won’t just be a convenient location or even a good price that you will be on the lookout for. Such supposedly ‘trivial’ matters as the design and decor of your chosen venue, as well as all of those other fine things that affect the experience for both you and whoever you are conducting the meeting with, will make a difference.

So, how can you be sure that you are making the right choice of venue when you book a meeting room at the Atrium Hotel Heathrow on Great South West Road, Feltham?

We offer an unbeatable location

Almost every London meeting venue may describe itself as ‘conveniently located’, but there’s barely a place that could better fulfil the expectations of this tag than the Atrium.

We are situated, after all, a mere two-minute walk from Hatton Cross tube station, and from there, you really can get anywhere, not least all five Heathrow Airport terminals. The Underground station is within the Heathrow Free Travel Zone, and Terminals 1-4 are all accessible in under four minutes; you’ll only be travelling for an additional three minutes to reach Terminal 5.

It all means that neither you nor the people you will be meeting can have any real excuses for getting lost on their way to or from the venue – so you won’t be late. What could be more important for making a good impression than punctuality?

Our premises are also a dazzling sight

Another thing about our venue that the person you are meeting is sure to be entranced by is its unashamedly contemporary appearance, defined by clean, modern lines on the outside and a spectacular five-storey atrium within. The latter benefits from plenty of natural light, so if you hold your meeting here, you can be assured of anyone who joins you marvelling at your taste in venues.

Consider, too, the availability of high-quality audiovisual equipment, the assistance that our friendly technical team can provide and the fact that up to 36 separate meeting rooms can be booked in addition to our assembly hall, and it should become clear that we tick all of the essential boxes – and many more – as far as meeting rooms near Heathrow Airport are concerned.

Complete and submit our straightforward online booking enquiry form or give us a call on +44(0)208 890 6888 today, and we’ll be able to discuss your requirements and provide you with a great deal for a meeting room – or several – in one of the most enviably located venues in the capital.

Why your first holiday stop should be at a hotel with a swimming pool

As a form of physical exercise, swimming has many well-publicised advantages. This type of cardiovascular exercise can strengthen your heart and lungs, while the water provides a level of resistance conducive to your successful calorie-burning efforts.

All the same, even if you have scheduled a few dips in the sea of some exotic faraway land, you might not have realised how much you could benefit from starting your holiday swimming before you even leave British soil. You can do that at a hotel close to your airport.

Swimming can feel even more special in our pool

As one of the planet’s busiest airports, Heathrow Airport is an obvious choice of portal to a dream overseas destination. Furthermore, our own Atrium hotel, with its 581 elegant rooms, is less than a five-minute journey from it. Then, there’s the fact that our sophisticated accommodation is also well-equipped with leisure facilities.

These include our underwater swimming pool, to which you would have ready access as one of our overnight guests. In this pool, you can tap into the usual soothing benefits of swimming while admiring the sparkling underwater lights. You can control the pace!

Still, when you fancy, you could speed things up – and all without putting too much pressure on your joints. This is a particular boon if you are an elderly traveller and so have ruled out an alternative, high-impact activity like jogging for your exercise needs.

For developing a toned physique, swimming can also work well in combination with other types of exercises. There’s nothing stopping you using the other equipment in our well-supplied gym for this purpose, and our underground leisure complex also includes cycling equipment and power-lifting stations.

Why get underway with your holiday swimming extra-early?

As you can reap more benefits from swimming by taking time to hone your technique, your time in our pool can be just the start of a vigorous regime in the water! After practising in our pool, you could brim with confidence as you lower yourself into warm Hawaiian or Spanish waters.

It all starts after booking a stay at the Atrium hotel. Make us your premier choice over other hotels with a pool near Heathrow and use our website to submit a booking enquiry.




5 of London’s most underrated contemporary art galleries

Even those who have solely business justifications for their overnight stays at London Heathrow hotels like the Atrium may often find themselves with time to burn in the capital due to a cancelled meeting, missed flight or other last-minute changes in plan. Alternatively, you may reserve a room with us for a recreational visit to London – in which case, why not take in an art gallery or two?

There is simply no superior place in the world to London when you wish to visit multiple hugely stimulating and interesting contemporary art galleries as part of your trip. Here are some of the most unsung of those that the British capital has to offer.

South London Gallery

Established in 1891, the one-time South London Art Gallery may have been destined to remain ‘just another’ staid art gallery in the capital, until – in 1992 – it changed its name to simply ‘South London Gallery’ and embraced the then-emerging era of rebellious ‘Britart’. The Peckham Road institution continues to hold all manner of sophisticated exhibitions.


Formerly helmed by the renowned academic Professor Stuart Hall, Iniva – also known as the Institute of International Visual Arts – is an especially intellectually rigorous place to appreciate art, particularly given its emphasis on reflecting the diversity of British culture since it was launched in 1994. You’ll find it at the Rivington Place arts centre in Shoreditch, near Old Street and Liverpool Street tube stations.

Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art

Parasol Unit, located at 14 Wharf Road, is among the many new contemporary art galleries to have opened in the capital in the 21st century, having been instrumental in the careers of such artists as Charles Avery, Yang Fudong and Cecily Brown. It is important to note that the gallery is presently closed for the summer, but will reopen in late September for the exhibition Heidi Bucher.

White Cube  

White Cube is owned and run by the Old Etonian art dealer Jay Jopling, and has operated at a variety of sites in London and beyond down the years, including Hoxton Square, which closed in 2012. Today, the gallery has two London sites, at Bermondsey and Mason’s Yard, which are together currently hosting the exhibition Memory Palace until 2nd September.

Camden Arts Centre

It may not exactly resemble a cutting-edge contemporary art gallery from the outside – its building having housed Hampstead Central Library for many years – but Camden Arts Centre is definitely a rewarding place to look at art, thanks to its light and airy gallery spaces and a superb restaurant and bookshop. It has been hosting a wealth of thought-provoking exhibitions since opening in 1965.

If there’s one city in the world that knows how to ‘do’ contemporary art, it is London – so when you book a room in any of the many comfortable and well-situated London Heathrow hotels such as the Atrium, which not take the chance to explore some of the capital’s artistic gems?

Heathrow wasn’t always about its airport

One thing that likely doesn’t come to the minds of many of those searching for accommodation near Heathrow, London is the surprisingly rich history of this part of the capital prior to one of the world’s busiest airports being sited there.

Indeed, until the 20th century, Heathrow was effectively a semi-rural, very lightly built-up lane. The first known mention of the Heathrow name – then spelt La Hetherewe – dates back to about 1410, and the area consisted of both farmland and heath until the early 19th century, when the heath was also converted into farmland.

A little-known, but intriguing hamlet

A cursory perusal of the history of Heathrow in its former capacity as a wayside hamlet tells you much about how large swathes of Britain used to be. The area saw little change between the laying-out of the lane – which is thought to have occurred in the 15th century at the latest – and the 1910s.

The hamlet of Heathrow in the first years of the 20th century was certainly a drastically different sight to what subsequent generations of travellers and Londoners came to know. It was formerly a place of farms, market gardens and orchards, with landmarks including a ‘Heathrow Farm’ – situated in about the same place as today’s Terminal 1 – and ‘Heathrow Hall’.

By the 1930s, however, land south-east of the hamlet was being used as a small airfield, known as the Great West Aerodrome, Harmondsworth Aerodrome or Heathrow Aerodrome, and owned and operated by the Fairey Aviation Company.

From 1944, the development of the wider Heathrow area as a much larger airport began in earnest, with what was then known as London Airport opening two years later. Heathrow would never again be the same.

Up-to-the-minute accommodation for those passing through Heathrow

The decades since the airport’s emergence have been eventful ones for Heathrow, an area that continues to develop at a seemingly relentless pace to this day. We’re very proud to be part of that exciting development here at the Atrium hotel, providing vital cutting-edge accommodation near Heathrow, London for those travelling to, from and through the locality.

Ours is an unashamedly contemporary hotel in the finest sense, including in its iconic design as well as facilities that encompass comfortable rooms, flexible and innovative meeting rooms, a serene underground leisure complex, sophisticated restaurant and so much more.

Enquire today about booking a room at the Atrium, which sets new standards for accommodation near Heathrow, London and shows that the coming years for the area may be its best yet.


5 ways to save money on your London wedding

London is a city where so many people – even non-residents – dream of tying the knot, and why wouldn’t they? After all, it is one of the great global cities, with a variety of inspiring backdrops and plenty more to stimulate couples and their guests. It’s also as well-connected from a transport perspective as any of the world’s major capitals, with the iconic and convenient London Underground system and major airports including Gatwick and Heathrow.

Even on a tight budget, it’s not necessarily impossible to hold a dream London wedding. You will, though, need to be savvy with your money, which is where the following tips may come in useful.

  1. Weigh up the quality of the wedding photographer against the cost

We all want to be able to afford the photographer who can take the most remarkable and memorable snaps of our wedding – but spending more on one can be a false economy. If there seems to be negligible difference in the quality of photographers’ portfolios, you may need to opt for the cheaper one if you are to make your budget-conscious wedding in London a reality.

  1. Don’t be overly swayed by social media ‘inspiration’

It can so easily happen to all of us who are looking to get married. As soon as we’re engaged, we peruse Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, and before long, there are three or four things that we ‘must have’ for our big day that will be ludicrously expensive. In fact, you may be best off staying away from social media altogether when trying to put together an affordable London wedding.

  1. Schedule the wedding for later in the day

This way, the celebrations – by which we mean, dining – can also take place later on, when you can simply serve your guests bowl food. This doesn’t mean the dining at your wedding reception won’t be elegant – it simply means it will have more of a ‘party’ vibe. You could save further money on the wedding dining by using canapés as starters and wedding cake as dessert.

  1. Send invitations online rather than by post

Yes, the ‘homemade’ look of traditional wedding invitations sent through the mail can be very romantic, but when you are attempting to organise an affordable London wedding, you will want to have as much money as possible to plough into the big day itself. After all, you will be in London, which will make for a much more spectacular experience than paper and card invitations.

  1. Hire a venue that can do it all

A true all-in-one venue – one that can serve as both the wedding venue itself and accommodation for your guests, while also exuding sophisticated style and being situated close to the obvious major transport connections – can be tricky to find in London for an affordable price. These are all boxes that we are delighted to tick here at the Atrium, which is one of the premier modern wedding venues in London, located mere minutes away from Heathrow Airport.

The wedding in London that you have always wanted may also be much more feasible than you imagine. Allow our team here at the Atrium to take the stress off your hands of searching for and comparing wedding venues in London, by giving you the complete service and an experience that you’ll never forget – for all of the right reasons.



3 great sites to visit via the Tube from your London Heathrow Airport hotel

Seeking out a sophisticated and modern hotel near Heathrow Airport makes sense on a number of levels, and not just for business. London is, after all, a truly global metropolis, which means that almost any type of tourist attraction one could conceivably wish to visit is present here.

Here are a few examples of those stellar sights and sounds for the recreational visitor, and how they can be reached from the Atrium hotel via the London Underground – or ‘Tube’.

Tate Britain, Millbank

Two of the UK’s two Tate galleries housing the national collection of British and international modern and contemporary art can be found in London.

While it’s difficult to choose between these two as to which ought to be visited first, the original National Gallery of British Art – now Tate Britain – on Millbank has been unfairly overshadowed in some respects by the opening of Tate Modern in the former Bankside Power Station.

The older Tate focuses on British art rather than the international orientation of Tate Modern, and you can reach it from the Atrium by taking a Piccadilly line train from Hatton Cross to Green Park, before switching to the Victoria line for the short subsequent journey to Pimlico.

Harrods, Knightsbridge

The legendary department store has occupied its current Brompton Road site near Hyde Park since 1849, when Charles Henry Harrod took over a small shop here at a time when Knightsbridge was yet to become one of the most fashionable areas of London.

The likes of Oscar Wilde, Laurence Olivier and Sigmund Freud were all customers of Harrods back in the day, and you can easily walk in their footsteps, thanks to Knightsbridge tube station sharing a London Underground line with Hatton Cross, which is just a two-minute walk away from our hotel.

Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames

No stay in a London Heathrow Airport hotel is surely complete without a visit to a royal palace, and Hampton Court Palace – which incorporates contrasting Tudor and Baroque architectural styles – surely fits the bill as well as any, not least because it is barely 8.5 miles away from the Atrium.

Although no British monarch has resided at Hampton Court Palace since King George II in the 18th century, it remains one of London’s premier tourist attractions.

It is important to note, however, that there is no tube station at Hampton Court itself. Nonetheless, it is possible to take an Underground train from Hatton Cross to Hammersmith on the Piccadilly line, followed by a District line train to Richmond and the R68 bus to the palace.

The above are just some of the attractions that you can easily experience from a London Heathrow Airport hotel like the Atrium – so why not enquire about booking a room with us to enjoy the greatest in both convenience and comfort for a competitive price?