Select a London wedding venue that appeals equally to your head and your heart

Your upcoming nuptials will – we hope – be the last or only time you tie the knot during your life, so you will naturally wish every aspect of your big day to be thoroughly special. That’s one reason why so many loved-up couples seek out wedding venues in London, even when they live far afield from the capital or sometimes, the UK: this is one of the truly great global metropolises.

There’s simply nowhere else that has London’s magic. However, there’s also almost nowhere else that is as notoriously expensive as London.

So, if your interest in wedding venues in London refuses to die down, are you reduced to settling for somewhere dull but affordable, or instead a fairytale venue that leaves you with barely any money left to invest in other aspects of the wedding?

You don’t have to lose hope when comparing wedding venues in London

For more than a few reasons, we’re very proud of our credentials as a London wedding venue here at the Atrium hotel in Feltham.

One of the most eye-catching elements of our venue is undoubtedly our nigh-on unbeatable location. You’ll find us a mere two-minute walk from Hatton Cross tube station, which in turn, enables you and your wedding guests to complete the journey between our hotel and Heathrow Airport within mere minutes.

Just imagine, too, how convenient that could be for onward travel into central London when you wish to extend your wedding into a longer break in the capital. All of the city’s art galleries, museums, heritage venues and dining establishments can be at your beck and call.

But it gets better than that…

Let’s consider some of the things that you would ordinarily expect from one of the more expensive wedding venues in London. Visual flair, for instance, is more than provided by our stunning five-storey atrium that benefits from plentiful natural light, while also incorporating no shortage of edgy 21st-century styling, surfaces and furnishings.

It is in this same space where your guests can also experience the most memorable catering, such is our own chefs’ expertise in rustling up the most satisfying and sometimes surprising dishes. In fact, in total, as many as 700 attendees can be accommodated in this spectacular area of our premises.

Then, there’s the small matter of the 581 rooms that make up our hotel, many of which could even be booked by you and your beloved, other members of the wedding party and guests. If a large number of you wish to stay overnight with us, we can even ensure that all of you are accommodated on the same floor together.

Don’t wait any longer to book your dream wedding

With the Atrium set to welcome its first hotel guests from February 2019, you may have little time to waste if you fancy securing our amazingly contemporary space for the formalisation of your union.

So, why not call us today – on +44 (0)208 890 6888 – to snap up the perfect date for your wedding at one of the wedding venues in London that is of most appeal to both the head and the heart?







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