You’ll make the right impression when you hold your next meeting at the Atrium

You may be ostensibly planning a meeting in London so that you can ‘get things done’, but in truth, there’s one thing in particular that you will inevitably wish to do: make a great impression.

After all, when you are searching for meeting rooms near Heathrow Airport or anywhere else in London, it won’t just be a convenient location or even a good price that you will be on the lookout for. Such supposedly ‘trivial’ matters as the design and decor of your chosen venue, as well as all of those other fine things that affect the experience for both you and whoever you are conducting the meeting with, will make a difference.

So, how can you be sure that you are making the right choice of venue when you book a meeting room at the Atrium Hotel Heathrow on Great South West Road, Feltham?

We offer an unbeatable location

Almost every London meeting venue may describe itself as ‘conveniently located’, but there’s barely a place that could better fulfil the expectations of this tag than the Atrium.

We are situated, after all, a mere two-minute walk from Hatton Cross tube station, and from there, you really can get anywhere, not least all five Heathrow Airport terminals. The Underground station is within the Heathrow Free Travel Zone, and Terminals 1-4 are all accessible in under four minutes; you’ll only be travelling for an additional three minutes to reach Terminal 5.

It all means that neither you nor the people you will be meeting can have any real excuses for getting lost on their way to or from the venue – so you won’t be late. What could be more important for making a good impression than punctuality?

Our premises are also a dazzling sight

Another thing about our venue that the person you are meeting is sure to be entranced by is its unashamedly contemporary appearance, defined by clean, modern lines on the outside and a spectacular five-storey atrium within. The latter benefits from plenty of natural light, so if you hold your meeting here, you can be assured of anyone who joins you marvelling at your taste in venues.

Consider, too, the availability of high-quality audiovisual equipment, the assistance that our friendly technical team can provide and the fact that up to 36 separate meeting rooms can be booked in addition to our assembly hall, and it should become clear that we tick all of the essential boxes – and many more – as far as meeting rooms near Heathrow Airport are concerned.

Complete and submit our straightforward online booking enquiry form or give us a call on +44(0)208 890 6888 today, and we’ll be able to discuss your requirements and provide you with a great deal for a meeting room – or several – in one of the most enviably located venues in the capital.

Why your first holiday stop should be at a hotel with a swimming pool

As a form of physical exercise, swimming has many well-publicised advantages. This type of cardiovascular exercise can strengthen your heart and lungs, while the water provides a level of resistance conducive to your successful calorie-burning efforts.

All the same, even if you have scheduled a few dips in the sea of some exotic faraway land, you might not have realised how much you could benefit from starting your holiday swimming before you even leave British soil. You can do that at a hotel close to your airport.

Swimming can feel even more special in our pool

As one of the planet’s busiest airports, Heathrow Airport is an obvious choice of portal to a dream overseas destination. Furthermore, our own Atrium hotel, with its 581 elegant rooms, is less than a five-minute journey from it. Then, there’s the fact that our sophisticated accommodation is also well-equipped with leisure facilities.

These include our underwater swimming pool, to which you would have ready access as one of our overnight guests. In this pool, you can tap into the usual soothing benefits of swimming while admiring the sparkling underwater lights. You can control the pace!

Still, when you fancy, you could speed things up – and all without putting too much pressure on your joints. This is a particular boon if you are an elderly traveller and so have ruled out an alternative, high-impact activity like jogging for your exercise needs.

For developing a toned physique, swimming can also work well in combination with other types of exercises. There’s nothing stopping you using the other equipment in our well-supplied gym for this purpose, and our underground leisure complex also includes cycling equipment and power-lifting stations.

Why get underway with your holiday swimming extra-early?

As you can reap more benefits from swimming by taking time to hone your technique, your time in our pool can be just the start of a vigorous regime in the water! After practising in our pool, you could brim with confidence as you lower yourself into warm Hawaiian or Spanish waters.

It all starts after booking a stay at the Atrium hotel. Make us your premier choice over other hotels with a pool near Heathrow and use our website to submit a booking enquiry.