5 ways to save money on your London wedding

London is a city where so many people – even non-residents – dream of tying the knot, and why wouldn’t they? After all, it is one of the great global cities, with a variety of inspiring backdrops and plenty more to stimulate couples and their guests. It’s also as well-connected from a transport perspective as any of the world’s major capitals, with the iconic and convenient London Underground system and major airports including Gatwick and Heathrow.

Even on a tight budget, it’s not necessarily impossible to hold a dream London wedding. You will, though, need to be savvy with your money, which is where the following tips may come in useful.

  1. Weigh up the quality of the wedding photographer against the cost

We all want to be able to afford the photographer who can take the most remarkable and memorable snaps of our wedding – but spending more on one can be a false economy. If there seems to be negligible difference in the quality of photographers’ portfolios, you may need to opt for the cheaper one if you are to make your budget-conscious wedding in London a reality.

  1. Don’t be overly swayed by social media ‘inspiration’

It can so easily happen to all of us who are looking to get married. As soon as we’re engaged, we peruse Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, and before long, there are three or four things that we ‘must have’ for our big day that will be ludicrously expensive. In fact, you may be best off staying away from social media altogether when trying to put together an affordable London wedding.

  1. Schedule the wedding for later in the day

This way, the celebrations – by which we mean, dining – can also take place later on, when you can simply serve your guests bowl food. This doesn’t mean the dining at your wedding reception won’t be elegant – it simply means it will have more of a ‘party’ vibe. You could save further money on the wedding dining by using canapés as starters and wedding cake as dessert.

  1. Send invitations online rather than by post

Yes, the ‘homemade’ look of traditional wedding invitations sent through the mail can be very romantic, but when you are attempting to organise an affordable London wedding, you will want to have as much money as possible to plough into the big day itself. After all, you will be in London, which will make for a much more spectacular experience than paper and card invitations.

  1. Hire a venue that can do it all

A true all-in-one venue – one that can serve as both the wedding venue itself and accommodation for your guests, while also exuding sophisticated style and being situated close to the obvious major transport connections – can be tricky to find in London for an affordable price. These are all boxes that we are delighted to tick here at the Atrium, which is one of the premier modern wedding venues in London, located mere minutes away from Heathrow Airport.

The wedding in London that you have always wanted may also be much more feasible than you imagine. Allow our team here at the Atrium to take the stress off your hands of searching for and comparing wedding venues in London, by giving you the complete service and an experience that you’ll never forget – for all of the right reasons.



3 great sites to visit via the Tube from your London Heathrow Airport hotel

Seeking out a sophisticated and modern hotel near Heathrow Airport makes sense on a number of levels, and not just for business. London is, after all, a truly global metropolis, which means that almost any type of tourist attraction one could conceivably wish to visit is present here.

Here are a few examples of those stellar sights and sounds for the recreational visitor, and how they can be reached from the Atrium hotel via the London Underground – or ‘Tube’.

Tate Britain, Millbank

Two of the UK’s two Tate galleries housing the national collection of British and international modern and contemporary art can be found in London.

While it’s difficult to choose between these two as to which ought to be visited first, the original National Gallery of British Art – now Tate Britain – on Millbank has been unfairly overshadowed in some respects by the opening of Tate Modern in the former Bankside Power Station.

The older Tate focuses on British art rather than the international orientation of Tate Modern, and you can reach it from the Atrium by taking a Piccadilly line train from Hatton Cross to Green Park, before switching to the Victoria line for the short subsequent journey to Pimlico.

Harrods, Knightsbridge

The legendary department store has occupied its current Brompton Road site near Hyde Park since 1849, when Charles Henry Harrod took over a small shop here at a time when Knightsbridge was yet to become one of the most fashionable areas of London.

The likes of Oscar Wilde, Laurence Olivier and Sigmund Freud were all customers of Harrods back in the day, and you can easily walk in their footsteps, thanks to Knightsbridge tube station sharing a London Underground line with Hatton Cross, which is just a two-minute walk away from our hotel.

Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames

No stay in a London Heathrow Airport hotel is surely complete without a visit to a royal palace, and Hampton Court Palace – which incorporates contrasting Tudor and Baroque architectural styles – surely fits the bill as well as any, not least because it is barely 8.5 miles away from the Atrium.

Although no British monarch has resided at Hampton Court Palace since King George II in the 18th century, it remains one of London’s premier tourist attractions.

It is important to note, however, that there is no tube station at Hampton Court itself. Nonetheless, it is possible to take an Underground train from Hatton Cross to Hammersmith on the Piccadilly line, followed by a District line train to Richmond and the R68 bus to the palace.

The above are just some of the attractions that you can easily experience from a London Heathrow Airport hotel like the Atrium – so why not enquire about booking a room with us to enjoy the greatest in both convenience and comfort for a competitive price?



















The newest accommodation near Heathrow Airport is also among the best

The obvious reason for anyone to seek out hotels in close proximity to Heathrow Airport is the convenience of being able to get to and from the airport and other transport connections easily. However, it is far from the only reason why you may elect to make the Atrium hotel your choice for a holiday, business trip or other visit to the capital.

You have a lot of options for accommodation near Heathrow Airport, so you may imagine that longer-established hotels would be better-placed to cater to what may be your quite specialised needs.

However, that simply isn’t the case – because of factors like the below.

Rooms that are both affordable and luxurious

Sometimes, the most conveniently located hotel also happens to be the one that provides the finest all-round experience.

You will certainly appreciate that when you check into one of the Atrium’s rooms and see such amenities as a fridge, desk, comfortable beds, tea and coffee facilities and a stunning en-suite shower room, as you will benefit from whether you opt for a standard, executive or deluxe room.

The perfect place to escape the craziness of the world

It can feel increasingly difficult at times to get away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle that very much defines a city like London. That’s why our underground leisure complex here at the Atrium is one of the key reasons why we are such a great choice of accommodation near Heathrow Airport.

You won’t be worried about that all-important business meeting while you’re gently working your muscles in our pool, or putting yourself to the test in our high-tech gym, with its sophisticated machinery such as running and cycling equipment and power-lifting stations.

A convenient and satisfying bite to eat

One of the pleasures of life in the finest hotels is the finest cuisine, which you can also be sure of at the Atrium’s exciting and unashamedly contemporary restaurant.

Whether you join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or instead simply grab a snack on the way to the airport from our coffee shop open on a 24/7 basis, the Atrium is a hotel that your taste buds will love just as much as the rest of you.

You don’t need to consider the obvious forms of accommodation near Heathrow Airport when you can instead simply choose the Atrium, which is located barely 10 minutes away from Heathrow Terminal 5. Don’t forget to also subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with the latest offers and competitions from our hotel.







The best restaurants near Heathrow Airport aren’t always the obvious ones

London is a city in which one may rarely have the opportunity to truly slow down the pace, enjoy some fine cuisine and watch the world go by. That’s why, whether you are a recreational visitor to London, coming to the capital to see a friend or relative or here on a business trip, pinpointing the ideal restaurant near Heathrow Airport isn’t just a case of heading to the nearest establishment.

What you will desire, instead, is a setting that is both convenient and sophisticated, where you can revel in the most succulent international cuisine while also enjoying the best service from professional and friendly staff.

All the while, it’s great to still be close enough to the airport and other transport connections to be able to leave to catch a plane or head into the centre of the capital at short notice. Yes, these are all ingredients that our own restaurant at the new Atrium hotel in Feltham can offer.

It’s literally the perfect place to dine

Many of those browsing online for restaurants near Heathrow Airport – whether they intend to dine alone or host a much larger party – will be most anxious to ensure they and their companions can simply reach the venue quickly and easily. The Atrium can hardly be beaten in this regard, as you could be at the doors of our hotel barely 10 minutes after departing Heathrow Terminal 5.

That’s all thanks to the presence, just a two-minute walk from us, of Hatton Cross tube station, which is excellently connected for onward travel to or from Heathrow Airport and across the capital.

But the taste experience is also an utter delight

We may be far from the most obvious place to dine in close proximity to Heathrow Airport, but we are definitely the surprise package among the many fine eateries to have sprung up in the Feltham and Hatton Cross area in recent years.

The surroundings in which you will be dining are certainly quite something, the atrium after which our hotel is named allowing in plenty of natural light to ensure a pleasant experience at any time of the day.

Indeed, you can experience a riot of fabulous cuisine with us at breakfast, lunch or dinnertime – and as we are a hotel, we can even give you a comfortable and well-appointed place to stay overnight, should you realise at late notice that you will require it.

We defy you to find any other restaurants near Heathrow Airport that tick more of the obvious boxes – as well as so many other non-obvious ones – than the Atrium!



Why would you want to stay in the Feltham area of London?

The range of great reasons to visit London – whether for work or play – is vast, but one much trickier decision that you are likely to have when planning a trip to the British capital relates to the hotel in which you opt to stay.

Unfortunately, reserving a room in the very centre of the capital can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Nor, however, may you wish to stay somewhere that feels like the middle of nowhere, or which lacks convenient nearby transport connections to the city’s attractions and other key sites.

So, why could searching for great-priced and well-located hotels in Feltham be the answer to your prayers? Here at the new Atrium hotel, we thought we’d take a look…

It makes the utmost sense for onward travel

If you don’t want a large proportion of your time in London to be spent merely travelling rather than enjoying the best things about the capital, you need to book a hotel that is well-connected.

You could barely choose a hotel location that better fits the bill than Feltham. Did you know that nearby Hatton Cross tube station, for instance, is barely seven minutes away from Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, and that our own hotel is a mere two-minute walk from the station?

It’s a much pleasanter location than you might think

Sure, staying in a hotel that’s practically right next to one of the busiest airports in the world is a very pragmatic choice. But it can’t be the nicest of areas to be, right?

Feltham, though, offers no shortage of creature comforts and conveniences besides its travel links. The area was documented in the Domesday Book of 1086, and has a fascinating history.

It also offers much more open space than you might have expected in such an important part of London for travel purposes, including the conservation area of Feltham Green, while The Centre offers all of the cafes and shops you could need, including Costa Coffee, Boots, Next and Asda.

It’s home to the unashamedly contemporary Atrium

In a sign that Feltham is not resting on the laurels of its glorious past – which also includes being home to the main factory of the motor manufacturer Aston Martin between 1926 and 1963, as well as of rock legend Freddie Mercury in his early years – the Atrium has recently been built.

Our hotel doesn’t just consist of highly comfortable, luxurious and well-equipped rooms, but is also the epitome of 21st-century modernity with its modern, clean-cut lines and sophisticated atrium that is flooded with natural light during the day.

In short, the Atrium is just one more reason why you shouldn’t ignore hotels in Feltham when you are seeking the perfect place to stay in the capital – whatever the reasons for your visit may be.