Why are we your best option when you need to hire a private meeting room in London?

Nowhere is faster-paced than London, which makes it a relief when you are in the capital on a business trip and can simply concentrate on the work before you in a suitably private meeting room. But when you are seeking out such a room, how can you be sure of making the right choice?

Here are just some of the factors that should make the new Atrium hotel your first port of call when you are in need of the most appropriate private meeting room in London.

We’re in the ideal location

Location is everything in London, and you could hardly hope for better than a venue situated just a two-minute walk from Hatton Cross tube station. That’s because the station is within the Heathrow Free Travel Zone, which enables the journey from Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 to the Atrium to be completed in just 10 minutes.

You won’t find any superior spaces anywhere

Whether it really is just a private meeting for two that you want to hold, or instead a more ambitious event or even an entire convention or conference, we’ll have the right space for you.

Our main assembly hall – which is flooded with natural light to provide the most pleasant experience for delegates – can accommodate up to 700 people. However, we can also give you access to as many as 36 separate meeting rooms, all located on the same floor and with all of the high-quality audio-visual equipment that you could need to ensure a productive meeting.

All of the other amenities needed for success

Choose us when you next need to hire a private meeting room in London, and you’ll benefit from so much more than the room itself.

After all, it will also be easy for all of your attendees to get a bite to eat from our relaxing coffee lounge that is open on a 24/7 basis, while we also have a friendly and efficient technical team continually on hand to set up all specialised equipment and help out if anything goes wrong.

You may feel overwhelmed by the range of options before you as far as London private meeting rooms are concerned, but we take great pride here at the Atrium in making the entire process of holding a meeting, conference, convention or other event with us seem easy.

Don’t hire a private meeting room in London that doesn’t meet all of your expectations and needs. Instead, get in touch with the Atrium team about how we can assist in making your next meeting a triumph.


5 ingredients to expect from a truly special business lunch venue

When you’re rushing between meetings and appointments in and around London, it might seem difficult to even find the time for a rewarding and productive business lunch.

Thankfully, the task is made easier when you choose a well-located venue – and if you’re still struggling to decide on the right one, here are five of the things we’d urge you to look out for.

Visual impact

Given the wealth of business lunch venues in London, the very least that you should really expect is a visually pleasing venue – and we can certainly give you that here at the Atrium hotel. Our spectacular five-storey atrium allows plentiful natural light to flood the space, which makes for a very light, airy and pleasant place to enjoy a business lunch.

A convenient location

When it comes to convenience for businesspeople, no venue beats the Atrium. We’re located literally a two-minute walk away from Hatton Cross tube station, which in turn is a single stop from Heathrow Airport.

The perfect lunch

All business lunch venues in London ultimately succeed or fail on the basis of the food and drink that they serve – but you and your colleague, client or guest will not be disappointed by what the Atrium has to offer. We serve the perfect freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked pastries – among so many other options – so that you can enjoy lunch, refuel and get on with your day.

24/7 opening times

Yes, you may be looking for the perfect venue for lunch, but it’s also nice to know – once you’ve sampled a coffee shop like the one here at the Atrium – that it’s open all of the time to take advantage of as you wish. You can never be sure whether you might one day be at risk of missing breakfast or in need of a late night snack en route to the airport – in which case, the Atrium can be the perfect place to head.

Other hotel and commercial amenities – just in case you need them

Are you running late and at risk of missing the last train back home from the capital? Maybe you know you already intend to host a business lunch tomorrow, but haven’t decided on a venue yet… in which case, checking into the Atrium hotel for the night could turn out to be one of the best business decisions you make this year.

There you have it – just five of the ingredients that help to make a decent London business lunch venue a great one. They’re also all present here at the Atrium, so why not grab something to eat with us when you are in the Heathrow, Feltham or Hatton Cross area of the capital?



Revel in the joy of spring by getting married at the Atrium

There are so many great reasons to get married during the spring. Wedding venues don’t see quite as intense demand at this time of year as they do in the summer, but the weather’s still beautiful and – dare we say it – surely at the most hospitable that it will be all year.

Furthermore, it’s a time when almost all of the people who you would like to invite to your special day will probably be able to come, without any worries about your nuptials clashing with any summer holiday plans they already have.

As a matter of fact, the spring is simply less hectic and stressed in general compared to the summer or Christmas, which is why it’s also an excellent time to book one of the many events venues near Heathrow Airport, such as the Atrium hotel.

We’re a spectacular place for you to tie the knot

The recently-opened Atrium hotel in Feltham is London’s latest iconic events venue, not least thanks to its modern, clean lines on the outside and stunning five-storey atrium on the inside, the latter allowing for plentiful natural light to flood into the main space.

It’s therefore a gorgeous and cutting-edge wedding venue fit for the 21st century, combining a state-of-the-art audio-visual system with elegant dining furniture and a highly professional and capable in-house event management team to ensure every moment of your big day runs like clockwork.

A venue that appeals to both the head and the heart

We don’t merely look good, as we also give you all of the practical benefits that you would expect from a leading venue for spring weddings in London. We’re located a mere two-minute walk from the closest tube station, which is just one stop from Heathrow Airport. That means all of your guests will be able to make the most of London’s world-leading transport connections to ensure they reach the venue of your nuptials in good time.

Last but not least, of course, we are a hotel, with all of the comfortable and spacious rooms of which any guests of yours who are travelling from particularly far afield may wish to take advantage.

All of these elements help to make us a step above almost any other wedding and events venues near Heathrow Airport, so don’t hesitate to call us today – on +44 (0)208 8890 6888 – to enquire about booking us for the most special day of your life this spring.


5 things you might not know about the Hatton Cross area of London

When searching for Hatton Cross hotels, you could be forgiven for thinking that the area surrounding the tube station of the same name is of little interest. But this intriguing locality has more to offer than you might think – we bet you never knew all of the below facts, for example…

  1. Hatton Cross tube station is a key travel connection in the capital

The station’s location on the Heathrow branch of the London Underground’s Piccadilly line makes it a vital one for travellers to and from Heathrow Airport. The station opened on 19th July 1975, with its platforms being located in a cut and cover tunnel.

  1. Hatton has a fascinating history

Hatton itself is a very small residential community today, but its past dates back to long before London even developed this far west. Indeed, it was formerly a country village with several interesting older properties, although many of these were sadly lost due to the mid-20th-century construction of Heathrow Airport.

  1. Many great Hatton properties have perished down the years

Hatton Road was largely obliterated so that the airport could be built, with one of the most notable lost buildings in the area being a large house called The Cedars, where Mary Ann Cooper (nee Mitton), the inspiration for Charles Dickens’ character Little Dorrit, lived. Also eventually demolished was a country house called Temple Hatton, once owned by Sir Frederick Pollock, 3rd Baronet.

  1. Hatton’s name is Anglo-Saxon in origin

This may not surprise you; the original Anglo-Saxon term means “heath farmstead” and sure enough, until the early 19th century, the cultivated area was surrounded by heath.

  1. With the arrival of Atrium, the area is continuing to evolve

With the unashamedly modern and highly hospitable Atrium hotel located a mere two-minute walk from Hatton Cross tube station, the Hatton area is developing for the benefit of everyone who travels through the area for work, rest or play. You’ll find us on Great South West Road, Feltham.

Our extremely convenient location, unrivalled facilities and comfortable rooms all combine to make us the obvious choice for anyone seeking the best deals for Hatton Cross hotels. So with all of that in mind, why hesitate to book your stay with us for your next trip to London?