Work your body with a swim in our pool

It’s understandable why so many people visiting London seek out hotels with a pool near Heathrow – after all, when they’ve been on a plane for a while, they’ll want to be able to check into a hotel at which they can truly relax. The most comfortable and hospitable bedrooms help with that, of course, but so does the availability of a fitness facility like our own here at the Atrium Hotel.

While it may be our stunning five-storey atrium that most impresses you when you first set foot in our hotel, the rest of what we have to offer is no less sophisticated.

Those of you who want to enjoy a thorough workout in the water while relaxing away your cares will certainly appreciate our crystal-clear pool, which is just one part of our serene underground leisure complex that also includes a fully-loaded gym, complete with high-tech machinery.

Why does swimming make so much sense anyway?

Whether you’re staying overnight in London as part of a business trip, to see the tourist sites or even just to meet up with an old friend or family member, you might wonder why it matters that much to choose a hotel with a pool. Are you even going to have much time for swimming, regardless?

In truth, hotels with a pool near Heathrow give you a wide range of benefits, especially when you’re ‘on the go’ and therefore unlikely to have the time to hunt out the closest leisure centre or swimming pool to your accommodation.

Swimming is a great exercise for those of basically any fitness level, enabling you to gently work your muscles, burn some calories and escape the stresses of the world. Drifting through the water while marvelling at the sparkling play of underwater lights enables you to improve your fitness and energy levels so that whatever else awaits you during your stay with us, you’ll be in the right state of mind.

We’re the convenient and contemporary choice

The other big advantage of booking one of the various hotels with a pool near Heathrow is, of course, the sheer convenience of being so close to the major transport connections of the capital. It takes you just minutes to travel to and from Heathrow itself, with the nearby Hatton Cross tube station also enabling you to reach almost anywhere in London as quickly as you like.

Don’t accept anything less than the most contemporary choice when you’re in need of a hotel with a pool! Enquire now about booking your stay at the iconic and cutting-edge Atrium Hotel.